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Building a personal mythology towards happiness and divinity:
Philosophy & psychoanalysis with the power of story to change your life

Story is the most powerful tool in the world

Talk to a copywriter or email marketer, one of their top tips will be to ‘Write x as a story’

Stories are what move humans to action.
The act of mythologizing & turning something into a story is how we try and understand the Divine.

It’s easy enough to turn your sales pitch into a story to try land a few sales.
But what about turning your own life into a God-like mythology?

This is a monumental task that will take you THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Because your story does not end, it evolves and changes.

The secret to crafting your own story is by discovering it.
In my blog & emails are the great
est philosophical and psychological teachings I have found. 

In crafting my own story it has brought me here to share the techniques I have learnt & am still learning. 

 This is about embarking on a journey together

I am doing my masters in philosophy & psychoanalysis with a personal interest in esoteric teachings.

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Weekly emails on hacking your mind through psychoanalysis.
Jungian psychoanalysis - Achieving homeostasis through individuation.
Freudian psychoanalysis - Particular focus on the ‘super ego’ & the drives Helping you to understand your motivations and repressions from birth.
Process philosophy - UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS: These lessons in particular will criticise the weak points of pop psychology techniques including where Jung, freud & more modern techniques go wrong.
Process Theology - Discover a way of looking at the world that re-imagines God and your place in it as a powerful being.
Reality manifestation - Taking all that has been learnt and comparing it with popular reality surfing techniques to see what truth is in them.

Emails on direct lessons & what we can take from them to integrate it into our own lives &
How to mythologize everything we learn, turning it into a story that will act as a pull to your goals 

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