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 A Literary NFT focused on Thematic Philosophical Writing, Art & Spirituality to improve ones life 

For this project, I and various content creators will research into various areas that will eventually create the necessary information to assist in building a personal mythology, to represent ones life in the form of a story and to see oneself as the hero in their story and from this use the information and stories provided as a platform to accelerate growth and improvement . The areas of research so far are as follows: 

  • Help to identify the type of thinker you are so you can align yourself with systems of thought or a personal mythology that will help you the most in life.

  • Research from actually doing - What I mean by this is I want to establish a community of people, as well as myself who are experimenting with writing, philosophy & art to enrich others lives

  • Presents problems with the current ontological and scientific worldview

  • Highlight how this ontological worldview affects our cultural and social system and thus our everyday lives

  • Present alternative systems of thought mainly engaged around a modern spiritualism 

  • Present material on some of the greatest thinkers that I have found so far in these spaces of thinking

  • Surface level/immediate solutions to life's little and big problems.

I'm looking to share my philosophy and writing in ongoing publications in a new and interesting format that intertwines the lessons of the greatest thinkers in attractive stories to engage and get the reader thinking about the most life changing topics in new ways. After the story I will provide philosophic writeup's as to the major points covered in the story while still leaving room for the readers to find their own lessons within the text. I am looking for others to contribute to this process as well as artists to provide their art and artistic insights as to why we should pay more attention to art and what it can do for us

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