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The journal of a commaner

Time table

"If is important enough , I'll make the time. If not I'll make an excuse."

Marie Forleo

I woke up this morning at 4:30 with a desire to be productive. It's a habit i got into about 3 months ago after reading "The 5 AM Club" by Robin Sharma. It's a book I strongly recommend to anyone to read. I know many people don't like or believe in self help books, but my opinion is that you don't have to take in or believe everything what the author has to say. What is important is what resonates with you in a book. It just clicked with me the importance of waking up early ( I am not going to get in detail about this , but it has been scientifically proven that mind works better before sun rise). It also resonated with one of my friends who's now exercising daily, more than once a day.

After my coffee I also have a habit of reading something. More you read ,more your brain develops. Is like any other muscle in your body. You work out you make a nice bum, you read more your brain connectivity improves. Today, i had an AHA moment reading about time, which i would very much like to share with who ever is interested to hear how much time we actually have on our hands to reach our goals and dreams, but we are just not using it wisely.

"It's never about having the time, it's about making the time."

Marie Forleo

We are all addicted to our phones. We wake up with it, we eat , drink coffee, have dinner and go back to sleep with it. Just pause for a second and think how many times you pick your phone in a day to check your emails, browse the internet for shopping, podcast, news, videos, etc and not to mention social media.

Many tech companies survive on capturing our time and attention. If you think you are a customer of their product , i dare you to think again! YOUR TIME is their product.

Platforms makes us addicted to them because we are psychologically sensitive to :

  • rewards ( we love when we get a new message, a new text , a new email- our hearts skip a bit and we can't wait to see the context )

  • the need to be noticed ( give me that like, leave me a comment , love me )

  • the need to reply ( we have to say thanks so we are not considered rude, we have to acknowledge the sender with some sort of recompense)

  • fear of missing out ( on a deal, a night out , an event, some good gossip )

  • to constantly compare ourselves to others

There are studies saying we use our phones 50% more than we think. Steve Jobs never let his kids to use an ipad? Why do you think he's done that? Because he knew what this technology is doing to the humankind.

Every time we pick up the phone or the remote we say no at reaching our most important dreams and long term goals. We will end up living on autopilot. I am sure nobody wants that.

I made a little table highlighting what would mean giving up on few unnecessarily activities in order to accomplish something greater.


  • Make a journal of your every day activities (coffee, shower, meals, work, social media, tv, etc) so you have an idea of how much time you are actually spending on useless activities

  • Remove all notifications from your phone so you don't get distracted all day

"What stops you is never external. Ever. It's never about the lack of time or money or anything else. It's about your internal game, your commitment to do whatever it takes to be creative, get resourceful, and figure it out."

Marie Forleo

"Put your ass where your heart wants to be"

Steven Pressfield


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