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A piece of writing

In battle, people die. One forgets to raise his shield to block the arrow, one gets so exhausted under the weight of their armor that they fall and collapse. One steps on a grenade to save their friends. Some are led into traps, some have monsters set on them. Some are even taken from battle to be tortured as prisoners, Is it not true that the external battle can reflect the internal? someone still needs a shield raising up for them to block the arrow. The person collapsed needs picking up so that they may fight on. Do we allow those that are considered our enemies to be tortured and do we shout our disdain at them while we watch as they lay there, twisting on their torture racks? Some need carrying back to the castle to save them from torture. Even one shot by arrows might still be able to be saved. Of course, the question remains, when we are all in battle how much of ourselves do we risk by saving others, if i'm concentrating on shielding another, what do i leave myself open too?

What are we even all fighting? Is it a common enemy looking down from above, one whose gaze is soon to be set on you? If so why don't we all stand together and raise our shields up to the sky. Fire arrows at that which threatens us all.

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