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Astrology explained for the non-believers

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I was focused on this idea for some time a while ago and wanted to get it down in some form of writing before i forget it. This is the best way i can think to explain astrology and the 'superstition' that lies behind it. But also it will hint at the great power of astrology weather or not it is a fabrication of human desire. 1400 BC a man called Moses observed the stars, as did many men back in that day. With the stars came stories and predictions of the future. Messages from the gods. What Moses was observing was the earths precession. a 26'000 year rotation of the earths axis. He stood in the age of Aries and foretold a story that at the dawning of Pisces (symbolised specifically with the first fish of the star symbol) that a man will come who will be a great prophet and lift us up into a new age of conscious revelation

And so the story was told for 1400 years. For 1400 years the energy of this story was collected in that very star sign, the first fish of Pisces. 1400 years of peoples hope for a new age and new developments. When the time came and a man was born who matched with the story all that energy over the 1400 years that had been collecting came down from Pisces and was places into Jesus giving him the power to take the world by storm. At the very least, this highlights the power of the story, the power of metaphors and of belief in ideals. We get captivated by these stories still to this very day. Not long ago in 2012 did the Mayan calendar come to an end. Although this was a mere symbol that we are soon to be entering the age of Aquarius a myth of world ending destruction came with it where even the most sceptical of minds had their wits about them on that very day. Weather or not these stars hold powers and weather or not the stories come from the gods. Our ability to come together in belief of an ideal or story is what has carried us through life so far. So the next time someone tell's you that the moon of Jupiter is entering its cyclical cycle of whatever and that they are expecting to enter a time of bountiful joy, I hope you won't think of them as crazy people.

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