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Enjoy the small things

Staying in the present moment is a very cliche thing, but it is really important. Normally people will suggest to you to practice meditation or yoga or breathing techniques or go through various forms of individuation of psychoanalytic practice. All of which are amazing and I will go into these as i discover more about them my self and relay them to you. But one of the best ways to stay present is to enjoy the very small things in life that we all have available to us. So just try this for a day Try to do each of the following things as an activity in itself. Concentrate on each thing as you do it. Two things will hopefully come from this. A mode of appreciation and from this appreciation, development. Drinking water - Pause for a second before you drink your water. Don't carry on scrolling through Facebook or texting or doing whatever it is you are doing. Just drink the water and concentrate fully on the activity. Take in each sensation, notice the temperature of the water, how it refreshes you, how it cleanses your pallet, appreciate it, after all it is a life essence for us. Eating food. Same as above really. But don't eat food while watching TV or doing anything else. Eat your food solely as an activity in itself. Breathe fresh air. As soon as you step outside, pause for a second, take a deep breath, again, notice the sensation. That's it. The three most simple things. Doing each one as an activity in itself will put you in the present moment, done regularly it will help you remain present throughout the day. What you find that will develop from this is that you will want to appreciate these things more. You will start to notice how much better an ice cold glass of spring or filtered water is than tap water. You will start to put more effort into eating nicer and healthier dishes. You will appreciate fresh air more and seek it out. Simple, but effective. Peace x

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