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The stage: As i am in India i decide to partake in a curry. I had done this earlier but went for the butter chicken and even thought blimey that's spicy for a butter chicken. But not today, today i was to face my rival and eat a real curry. One murg Kadai i pour down the phone to room service, with utmost confidence in my upcoming meal. Then it is delivered, black chilli's seething out of it I sat down and dished it out onto a plate with some rice, and as is customary in this fair land used a roti as my eating tool. scooped up some rice and sauce and let my taste-buds finally have an experience of India. With all the confidence of the phone call earlier i think to myself "damn that's tasty" But then, upon my conscious impression another thought was presented to me, "that's a little spicy" But no matter! I ordered a curry and expected such a thing so onto the chicken, I picked it up and still brimming with confidence dipped it in some sauce to add more... flavour? "holy fuck that's hot". I quickly open the fridge for the bottle of coke inside to fall out, a delivery from the heavens i thought. I quickly open the bottle and naturally it fizzes everywhere. But despite the mess i was pleased to have something cool on my pallet. This cycle continued and my thoughts bestowed upon me continuous impressions "how are you going to eat this", "what's it going to be like when it comes out the other side" "Tom just stop now and get something else". In my frantic stage i desperately started picking out the deep black chilli's, as if that is going to help, it was full of its seeds already. Then i remembered back to the day's where i partook in the wim-hof method! My days of facing ice cold showers and 'surrendering' to the point where it wasn't cold anymore blessed me with it's lesson. Upon my next sceptical bite i tried to surrender to the curry. There is no hot or cold, there is simply a dish to be eaten. On this moment the next impression on my conscious was one of bliss, "actually it's not too bad" Then another bite, "what was i complaining about, this is really nice". Then with the next roti i scoop up as much sauce as can possibly be scooped! Enlightenment had been achieved, the curry was spicy no more, i had prevailed. The initial confidence came back to be exponentially as i devoured the dish. That confidence still beams from me now. For next time i order a spicier curry. TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT: 1. Did you surrender to the spice the other end tom? or are you having a painful morning

2. Will further enlightenment be achieved through greater spice Namaste.

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