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Flight day

My vlog will not fit with my blog, the video was made 2 days ago where i was trying to be a good boy and i'm writing this hungover after a big night. The concept remains and there's a truth to interacting with the world with feeling before thinking. The first things we do in life is to feel emotion and interact with the environment and experiment how the environment effects our emotions. The modern world of the day has us constantly living in our heads. A cook always tastes his dishes to see if it is right, they don't just stick to the recipe. Sometimes it needs more salt, the same is with your life. Sometimes you might need more happiness in your life, but you are not going to discover this happiness through thinking about how to be happy. You must try and take yourself away from your brain and taste the world again. Go for a walk and interact with things, don't just think about them once you've had a taste and the dish is right you can think about how to improve it next time by reflecting on your experience. Taste > reflect >taste >reflect. Dont stay stuck in reflecting on things, you will go crazy. Peace. here is my video tutorial on how to do it

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