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Human being or socially constructed entity?

Are we forever doomed to fulfil the societal, social and working construct that is given to us until we are finally turned into machines to be used by our new a.i overlords!?

So, where are these entities?

Simple examples can be if you order something online and it comes with a missing piece, perhaps you have to email or even worse phone someone to get your refund! (also have you noticed how we hate talking on phones now? especially if its anything but personal) That person you phone isn't really a person in your mind. They are a construct fulfilling a role, this is expressed when we lose our temper with these constructs far more easily than we would our peers, we dehumanise them very easily. So where else do we find these constructs other than say service jobs? An interesting one is politics, the construct that is 'the politician' Isn't very human. Now president!? I've always found it funny when people comment how presidential Obama was. Your kind of saying he fit that construct nicely? The funny thing is we all know he's only that way when the public eye is on him. No one actually acts like that in real life. When the public eye is away from him, he's probably more, human?

But what a weird thing to say and what a weird thing to seek in society from our service people all the way up to our president. But what I'm trying to pick out here is a very weird thing this 'human' is this kind of natural eb and flow characteristic that you just seem to be able to identify. You don't have to know Obama, but you could pick out when he is being this constructed entity that we expect of him and when he is being more, human? The unique thing about this socially constructed entity is that it is constructed by all of humanity, it is a reflection of cultural components, societal expectations, status in community and wealth with a bit of room left for some of your character. If you envision yourself now in two roles as a pub waiter or a waiter at Gordon Ramsey restaurant you know there is a certain decorum expected of you in both roles, a construct you must fill. You can say that the pub waiter is allowed magnitudes more character expression than the other. But it's because what the pub waiter expresses their character maybe a full 5% as opposed to Gordon's waiter at 0.1%? So whats the point of this ramble. Firstly I'm just trying to stick to my guns and write something and this is the first thing that popped into my head.

Mainly - How much of your life is spent interacting with social constructs, or for that matter, fulfilling one VS How much of your life is spent interacting with Humanity? The internet gave us a shred of hope to interact with humanity again, but any human interaction on there is just a persona. We all know this and so we treat each-other like the fake little entities that we are online. Truth is you have very very little human connection and the other truth is you spend a lot of your time worrying about weather you are even good enough to be this socially constructed entity. But who's surprised at that? you're not being judged on your humanity (whatever that even means anymore) your being judged on your ability to keep your cog polished and turning. Personally I believe this is an ontological problem, to go back to the nagging of many of my previous posts we aren't really acting as humans because we don't see anything special in being a human. No divine purpose, no meaningful experiences, no after life, no magic, no imagination, no realistic dreams, no god's, spirits, souls, angels or devils. All there is, is whats measurable and whats measurable is your place in society so get a job you damn hippies.

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