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I rode in a tuk tuk What's the philosophy behind this? That's quite simple, get off your arse and go do something. If you are aged 18-30 and you don't have a clue what your doing in life yet then consider yourself lucky. You have been blessed with the freedom to go out and explore the world to find your passion. This does bring to mind what is it that stops people from going out and doing things? Is it depression? is it anxiety? Fear? All of the above. This is actually something i can likely address in a post. Maybe i can get some data from you guys first? You have recently made a friend either at work or university or at the job centre. (For the short time you have known this friend they seem trustworthy and honest) 1) This friend invites you to a party on Friday when you are free, do you: A) accept and attend B) accept and later make up an excuse C) decline and make up an excuse 2) Later at the party you get acquainted with a group of 4 people who are going on a small holiday to a country closest to yours, they are going to check into a hostel and explore. It is on a weekend when you are free. They have a free seat and invite you, do you: A) accept and attend B) accept and later make up an excuse C) decline and make up an excuse 3) (last one i promise) At the hostel you meet a group who are travelling, they invite you to travel with them, budget style. Lets assume you have some responsibilities at home, you may have to quit your job. Be honest and take into account your responsibilities when you answer, do you: (insert answer here) Possible answers might be (i decline i have work responsibilities) to which i would ask are you career motivated, does your career give you satisfaction You might not have enough money! (why aren't you saving money for things like this? where is your money going, could it be better spent?) But try be honest: are you just scared? The point of this exercise will hopefully come clear if i get some responses and thus can create a post on what it is that holds us back as people from doing things that we may really desire to do. I believe the blog has a section where you can reply to this post, so whack your answers in there like this 1 - A 2 - B 3 - accept and start travelling If you decline 1 or 2 in 3 enter the reason for why you decline. Also i think you can make accounts on the blog post if you want to be anon, or message me. Peace

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