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Leave a blank page

So when I picture what a personal mythology might be I see a mixture of a journal and a tale that looks into the future of things that maybe you want for yourself. One of the plus sides of writing the story and having yourself as the main character is that you can write out events for yourself and then see how your character handles the event. Essentially you are testing out ideas before you get to them. Now of course we never really know how we are gonna act in a situation before we get there but there is probably a way this can be done that is effective. Another form of writing ahead is like writing your to do list for the next day Or maybe your goal list for the week. One of the early difficulties I can see appearing with this project is knowing what to write. For example should you be writing forward looking imaginative pieces testing your characters boundaries. Or should you be writing strict routines. For now this is going to go on the to do list To do: Write about when you should be writing in what style e.g. journaling. Storybuilding. Plannning However! To the topic, one style I am going to cover is that of not writing anything at all. Leaving a blank page.

I think you don't want to be leaving blank pages when your lifestyle is busy and in need of structure. That is likely a time for planning. But I think there are areas when we want to leave blank pages. When you want to learn about your character (yourself): One of the biggest parts of building your own mythology. Especially early on, is to learn who you really are. This will involve active practices such as shadow work, anima/animus integration. But you also need to feel things out and see how you actually act in certain situations. The advantage of the blank page means you can then use it to reflect on what happens. But you want to set up the blank page well. Ill get real for a second and use a real life example. You might decide that you want to go travelling. Maybe just for a couple weeks maybe longer. Setting yourself up for a good blank page means booking your plane ticket to a hostel in Australia and not planning anything else past this. Move your character into a new situation and just see how he/she acts. This is what i mean by leaving blank pages for yourself. Leave yourself room for adventure where very little is planned these are the moments where the pages will write themselves and these will be some of the best pages in your personal mythology. The story will write itself. Just actually make sure to you know, write it. Throw yourself in the deep end at some point in life. You don't need everything planned. Make sure your character has the resources they need and throw em somewhere crazy. See what happens. Journal it down then when the time is write. reflect on your story. See where your character has come. Then, with this new perspective, start thinking again about which way you think your main character should go next. mix it up a little y'know.

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