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Let go of hope.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Duncan Trussel says it best here But it''s a really simple concept about staying in the present moment, one's that's realistic and quite easy to adopt into your personal mythology. When you are writing or contemplating on your story it's not a bad thing to look ahead and say oh i wanna be at x y or z in 6 months. But don't set your heart on it.

The same thing goes with seeking a purpose in life. If you found out your purpose was to be a trolley boy would you be so thrilled to wake up every morning? The point is you don't want a purpose in life. So why are you hoping for certain things in life? This is why deterministic models caught on so much, it's freeing for people. It takes away responsibility and the fear of being in control of your actions. Now, you're not going to escape being human and having some sort of hope that you get that job you applied for or that the girl or boy you're going to ask out is going to say yes. But don't dwell on it and hope you get a second, third or fourth chance. I guess what I'm saying is when considering your personal mythology allow plenty of room for blank pages, they will write themselves and be full of surprises.

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