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My friends a poet and he didn't even know it.

twenty nineteen, another breeder summer

strike up the band, ill be the drummer

first kiss in the park or are you having a lark?

mug me off again I might see you after dark

spray me with the hose, nursery school doze,

arguing like kids again; more worried what they're up to in number 10

endless nasty babbles, from a hundred thousand phone mammals

am I delirious or is there just fake and no serious?

come join us and play like days of yore

fetch me the pipe, lets go and score

twenty nineteen, so who is winning

usually the ones who you can hear from the singing

yet only quiet; digital fed diet

twitter-led, always-on, metaphysical riot

parks almost empty, crackheads aplenty

sun has gone down, close to 9:20

after all has been said spoken, thought, and tweeted

politics resets, no one defeated;

the earth persists - humans super-heated

twenty nineteen, another sick dream

fight the world matrix till it runs out of steam My friend currently cant post on here yet due to computer issues. But he will make himself known in the comments. If anyone has content they want to share with me please feel free to do so :)

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