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My personal mythology? A leaf in the wind.

Writing a personal mythology can be a bit much for some people. But you can just as much do it as a thought experiment. I never used to know what I wanted to be when i grow up (still unsure) Or what i wanted to do but I did have a very small personal mythology that I used to follow. One of the first steps to creating a personal mythology is to identify your character. But of course you might not even understand yourself yet so where do you start!? This is where the concept of a blank page comes in I used to be reasonably shy and a little nervous, especially when it came to real hot girls! So one of the first steps for me was recognising my faults and areas in my life that i wanted to change. I wanted to be more confident. I wanted to figure myself out... I had no clue what i wanted to do in life so I needed to figure that out. One thing i did know was that I didn't wanna keep working in hospitality serving cunts there dinner for my whole life. So I affirmed to myself I wanted to do something drastic, and this is true. If you are not enjoying a lot of aspects in your life you need to change your environment completely, this will change your social circle it will change what opportunities are available to you and it will force you into uncomfortable situations. Now i know you're probably wondering where the mythology is in all this. Unfortunately I didn't really have one.... All i had was that i considered myself a leaf in the wind! Bit gay I know (don't take offence fairies) But the leaf in the wind thing really helped me. A leaf in the wind just goes where the wind goes. I never wanted to tie myself down. So i stuck to that. If i felt myself being drawn somewhere I would just go, even if i had a few things going for me in my current situation. I followed the wind and i have been doing this still up to this day. It took me from working in Dubai, to travelling Australia, to starting a degree in philosophy (very unlike me, i left school at 17 with no grades) But the wind took me there. I studied in India for 6 months. This very small story or image that i had in my mind had a really profound effect on my life. I was always a leaf in the wind. Throughout this process I REALLY learnt who i was very quickly. When you throw yourself out there travelling and rock up to a hostel knowing no one you find out a lot about yourself. I soon knew who the character of my story was and I filled in some really awesome blank pages along the way. Truly, what I'm promoting here is something really helpful and quite powerful. If you are really fucking stuck in life craft some mad story for yourself and go follow it. The funny thing is you are literally doing this all the time. How often at night do you sit there and daydream this whole crazy scenario where you are the hero to some story? Pick up one of these daydreams and fucking run with it!! If you want to save a village from disaster go look at Sign yourself up and go build a well in an African village. If you need to learn more about yourself so you can even being to think what you wanna do in life become a leaf in the wind. Throw yourself into a gust of wind and see where it takes you. If anyone is stuck and wants to talk hit me up x

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