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Partner cheat on you? it's YOUR fault.

Now that i have your enraged attention let's discuss what we can do about the broken hearts of the youth. This post is more specifically aimed at younger genoz (that's young lingo that i just made up for generations) What i want to put out there is that not enough people are open to being open. I picture the world through scenes, so let me paint one for you to try and get my point out there. A platonic relationship is described as such... " Platonic love as devised by Plato concerns rising through levels of closeness to wisdom and true beauty from carnal attraction to individual bodies to attraction to souls, and eventually, union with the truth" Now, a Platonic relationship is considered non-romantic. But would you let your boyfriend/girlfriend have a relationship like that with someone? Probably not. You want them to have carnal attraction to your body and soul and achieve union with the truth through you! well that's unlikely, let me paint a scene. Jimmy has just left school at the age of 18. Jimmy like all 18 year old's isn't quite the fully developed character yet (jimmy may think he is, yes i'm talking to you, but he isn't) For simplicity sake let's imagine jimmy has 10 traits to his personality, each trait gets a number from 1-10. These traits each have a percentage value of fullness. Someone who has traits from 1-10 with 100% in each number, is enlightened. They're the top dog. Jimmy's traits from 1-5 are not very developed and are within the 10-15% range. Jimmy's top trait, (let's say his kindness to others) is at 50%. The rest i leave up to you. Now the concept of a relationship (I'll stick within the realms of Plato) is to "climb the ladder of love" this is achieved through the seven forms of love ero's through to philautia. (Love for others to love for yourself) Doesn't matter, Jimmy's goal is to up them percentages! Those are rookie numbers Jimmy. Jimmy up's these percentages through his experiences with the world, and here's the clincher. His experiences with other people. Specifically with those he forms close relationships with. Jimmy meets Sarah, Sarah satisfies requirements for a close relationship and Sarah traits 1-5 are at a staggering 70% (Jimmy can learn a lot from Sarah) and let's say its reciprocal and the traits Sarah needs to develop Jimmy has. Or most of them. See, Jimmy really likes Sarah, but as they grew close discussions of being open or what it is they want from a partner weren't really mentioned much. It is frowned upon in their culture to have close relationships with multiple people. Jimmy still sees a lot of Value in Sarah and so they enter a beautiful dynamic of monogamy. But ill cut my story short and be serious, hopefully you can see where the point is going. Our character is going to meet other people in life who is going to help him grow as a person. Especially due to his age and that he likely has a lot of development in him. I've not stated in the story that Jimmy is going to run off and cheat. Although its possible, but if we take ourselves back to the definition of platonic love and compare this with our current views on monogamy a relationship like this can become quite restricting after a while. Sure the first 6 months might be bless while our two characters help each other build up their characters in a mutual bond. But they are likely to meet other people whom they compliment and who can compliment them. I'm not saying here that polygamy is the new route for young people! But Jimmy likely thinks its weak, or perhaps plain stupid to even bring such a thing up into a discussion with someone he is growing close with. Thus from the start we have a recipe for disaster. Personally i feel concentration as a young blood should be about manifesting your best character. This is mostly done through multiple encounters with some of the most fascinating and different characters you will meet in life. These encounters need the freedom to thrive. Point is don't be a jimmy, be open to being open if it is what might be right for you.

Actually i have one final important point that i think is a big motivator for why culture is like this. That's because people wan't to feel like they are enough for their partner. Unfortunately this may not be the case. But it's okay to not be able to provide one person with everything they need, be happy that some of the weight is lifted off your shoulders.

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