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Philosophy of cryptocurrency part 4 - Owning your digital self, play to earn gaming and more!

Web 3 is coming! And with it comes ownership in all forms! But lets start with a recent story to explain what I mean

Web 2 is Facebook and twitter and blah and we get to do all these amazing things and connect with each other in amazing ways but all your data is the companies and there's not really much you can do about it. This can even extend to the ownership of your accounts altogether

Although it does look like the women recently got her account back, I remember hearing this story. Short version being. Woman had business in Australia named 'meta' or 'metaverse' obviously the new name Facebook has taken on. Everyone's messaging her like, god damn girl you boutta make hella money fbook gonna buy you out. But instead what happened? Her accounts all disappeared! Miraculous. Under web3? Impossible. Your social media handles are OWNED by you its recorded on the blockchain, ain't no motherfucker taking that away from you. This can be extended to your data. Companies will HAVE to start paying you to use your data. Access to your data on the blockchain will be recorded, permission will need to be given, just the same way you sign permission to have an item listen on open sea or anything like that


excitingly this transfers to games!? thus we have the dawning of PLAY TO EARN GAMING. 'Gold' a literal cryptocurrency. Every item, every skin every piece Limited in number, varying in rarity and linked to a cryptocurrency fully exchangeable on a wim. I predict an age where basement dwellers gaming 10 hours a day will finally make enough money to move out of their parents houses!

We are already seeing a massive surge of artists able to make great livings selling nft's (im still waiting for us writers to be able to make some money from this ;) but I'm sure there's a solution, this website is already becoming part of the solution! Just wish I earnt more than a penny a like lol) Technology like this is unstoppable, why would anyone want it to be stopped? the only people wanting it to be stopped is those already selling your data and even Zuckerberg is already creating a metaverse (probably so he can carry on doing just that) So I guess there is a warning there. Web 3 provides us with the opportunity to claim our online selves and actually make money from it as long as we put our trust in the right companies. Personally I'm not going anywhere near 'meta' This also relates back to part 2 of this series Philosophy of cryptocurrency, part 2. How crypto helps us develop an intimate attatchment to our investments We as people are going to become more and more intimately attached to our digital selves, who truly knows if its for the good or bad. No doubt it will come down to a level of personal responsibility, we can all see how it would be too easy to get too digitally attached to yourself in the metaverse. But at the same time a responsible person can set up a virtual business in the metaverse. Imagine the opportunities for people who have some sort of disability or restriction in the real world!? or for people in poor countries to earn a living wage by playing a game!? I'm invested in a company called RFOX (this eint a plug) but they recently released a play to earn game, the rewards eint massive but some people are earning a dollar or two a day playing this game. Which is food for some people and this is just the beginning, with access to a mobile phone people have access to web3. Let us claim web3 for ourselves, set up responsible and caring businesses and online ventures and don't let our overlords take over web3! Thanks and love x Follow my twitter

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