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Project: Building a personal mythology as a guide to life

Building a personal mythology to guide your life. You know when you lie there late at night after 2 hours of beating yourself up about being lazy, you say to yourself, tomorrow is the day i'm gonna turn things around! You envision yourself waking up early in a moviesque scene starting with your workout. Your cold shower, followed by a kale smoothie and some meditation. You tell yourself you’re gonna start whatever the hell it is you’ve been putting off. You go to sleep, your alarm goes off. You hit snooze and the energy is gone. But where did this energy come from 11pm last night? Was it that motivation video you were watching, the rocky soundtrack you had on in the background?

It came from story making. It came from placing yourself as a fictional character in the middle of this story you had created for yourself. The power in stories and mythology has been stripped away from us in this current worldview and with it the energy we can harness from our imagination has gone. But this is wrong. I am discovering this for myself and I want to work to create intricate pieces of writing with a community to bring back this power to the people! I want to present what I think is the way to harnessing that energy that you build up late at night, imagining how much of an awesome person you are going to be tomorrow. The ideas I’m going to present are gonna reflect experiences of my own and just things of my own that I am trying out. At the moment I just have a bunch of philosophical beliefs and ideas I have run into that I think can become useful tools to fix a lot of the personal damage we are all harnessing at the moment. I am going to present these ideas as I try some of them myself. The good thing is I’m a fucking useless victim of everything I'm spouting too. I do everything I preach against I’m full of problems. But I know for a fact that our current ontological worldview is damaging for a high % of people. But I think this is good because I am going to be as much on the journey as anyone else who decides to join me. For some people, the way the world is at the moment works really well for them, if you are a disciplined human being or are motivated by science, analytics, logic or any traditional masculine lines of thinking then you may not resonate too much with what i'm saying. Although you likely have friends/partners that are just struggling to find happiness/meaning in the world and i believe this is likely the reason. It's the classic masculine vs feminine. When people say the patriarchy has taken over I actually tend to agree but I view it as rigid, mechanistic analytical thinking has taken over and we have been told that other types of thinking is simply unscientific. If this was true, maybe we would just have to suck it up. But I don't believe it is true. So this will be the start of a philosophical project for me. That is quite a large undertaking and to appeal to a wide audience I will have to work in a rather unsystematic manner. For some people, the hardcore scientific thinkers. They are first going to need to be presented with arguments as to why there is room for a different, more continental/spiritual even mystical type of thinking to re-enter the mainstream. For others they will already have been on board from the start of this post and will be wanting to skip this part and open up a discussion about what they can do to find energy in these times.

Also it's a lot easier to criticise an ontology than it is to present a new one. So like I did in my essay regarding free will (go check it out) I will also be presenting posts that present new ideas to replace the current paradigm (this will mostly be me presenting ideas of people much much smarter than me) So to help guide myself as much as anything else I want to start a philosophical project that does the following

  • Start a project on ‘building a personal mythology as a guide through life”

  • Help to identify the type of thinker you are so you can align yourself with systems of thought or a personal mythology that will help you the most in life.

  • Presents problems with the current ontological and scientific worldview

  • Highlight how this ontological worldview affects our cultural and social system and thus our everyday lives

  • Present alternative systems of thought mainly engaged around a modern spiritualism and religion that moves forward with scientific thinking. (I am highly against fundamental religious beliefs)

  • Present material on some of the greatest thinkers that I have found so far in these spaces of thinking

  • Surface level/immediate solutions to life's little and big problems.

  • Create a website where people can make a profile containing their personal mythology so far and receive advice on customising and improving their story.

Re the underlined content: As i am not working at the moment and we are entering a recession I will have a lot of time on my hand and would like to spearhead a project. The concept is to create a website that builds off the above points. You create a profile and the profile essentially works as a public/private journal. (options will be customizable as to what is public) But this journal will be in the form of a personal mythology or story that you share with other members of the community. You can receive advice and read other peoples stories and mythologies to receive inspiration to help direct and change yours. This for now is the end goal and is probably a long long time away. Content regarding all the above bullet points first needs to be provided and then a guide on building a personal mythology would need to be created before the platform is even thought about. I am however going to start a patreon! The patreon is for anyone who is onboard with this project. Want's to support the creation of content and the creation of the website.

Please view my Patreon to find out a little more about the project!

As this is essentially a moving project and experiment at the same time, I want to make this into a community endeavour. Make a discord and facebook page where people can discuss ideas. Because I also want other people to be posting on this website/blog. The website blog will follow the main theme of the project presented above. This means openly inviting criticisms to the project too but limiting what ‘new’ ideas get presented.

I think it would be cool to end up creating a space for people to present and explore ideas relating to just getting by in day to day life as this is really what my project is aimed at. While I identify the problem as an ontological, it would also be awesome to have open discussion spaces to deal with problems at a very surface level.

So i also would like to invite anyone to join in on this project! If you are interested in this type of thing and want to help do some research and present information you can take up one of the topic's in the above bullet points and help create content. The bullet points I have at the moment are going to be expanded on as i delve a little deeper into the topic and I am open to suggestions on new topics. My next piece of work is to create a whitepaper for the upcoming website. The design of the website will reflect a private blog space for each area of research for content creators to post on and for anyone to comment on. It will also have a community space for people to write and share and advise each-other on their stories so far!

The idea of creating your own personal mythology is to take some of that power and energy we feel late at night,lost in a daydream about how we are going to flip our life upside down. Or even the energy we get when reading a truly inspirational story and bring it into our day to day life. By keeping what is essentially a public journal written in a mythological form it will allow the writer to express their life in a more poetic way. This form of expression also allows the writer to step away from their life and view it from a 3rd person sense envisioning changes that they would like for the character of their story that is ultimately themselves.

Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you are on board!

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