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Science is making us sick

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Science is man's greatest achievement. Unfortunately pop scientists like Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye have very loud voices even in the world of philosophy. Now, I do believe that everyone is a philosopher. It is truly a worldwide discipline, my favourite philosophers are pub philosophers! But what is being spouted is giving rise to a generation of doomers.

People have assumed that our current scientific findings give us an ontology whereby the world is a law abiding mechanistic machine like structure bound by these fixed laws of physics. Unfortunately the repercussions of this worldview are vast:

Science has killed free will - we are products of our environment and our biology, the concept of free will is an illusion. Essentially there is nothing we can do to change the course of our fate, for some people this means they are determined to live a doomed life and there is nothing they can do about it. Science has killed god, religious experience and divinity - There is no longer a god in life. God can often mean many things for a lot of people but God can provide comfort, hope and connection. The act of prayer can give strength and energy, religious experience can literally transform peoples lives (this is somewhat being replaced by psychedelic experiences). A religious experience now will often have you labelled as someone who needs mental help. Most importantly for me, there is no notion of divinity anymore, what is divinity? it is subjective but I will give one example in my next point

Science has killed love: What is more divine than love? That feeling you share with someone whereby you would do absolutely anything to ensure that persons safety. That this one person out of all the people you have met in life has the ability to consume your thoughts and fill you with this quite literal indescribable feeling where by just being close to them is enough to satisfy your world. But this is just a chemical reaction in the brain, nothing special, all those feelings, that whole experience, Just a chemical reaction.

Ultimately, meaning has been taken out of the world! There is no meaning to anything you do, so whats the point? But! Society has a replacement for meaning. Status.

While this deserves a piece of writing of its own and will hopefully get one. The truth is, finding meaning is a journey, finding divinity is a journey, finding god is a journey, one that goes far beyond the God society sells you of attending church on a Sunday. Finding love is a journey. The replacement? Your status in society! Having a good job, having money, being popular or achieving good grades. There is no meaning to life, so get a job, pay your taxes and meet your cold meaningless end.

I just wrote this because now that I have finished uni I want to start doing some writing of my own and this is full of points that I can expand on. I personally do not believe that science gives us any of the ontological viewpoints that i have spouted in here and I know of alternative interpretations to the science that allow us to find meaning in the world once again. We are truly in a time of doomers who are in some desperate need for meaning in life, because ultimately status and the pressure of achieving something in society just isn't for some people and it is too competitive. You shouldn't have to compete to find happiness but there are many things we can do to eliminate the current cloud of doom and gloom that rests over many of our heads and I will be exploring this theme and share my ideas of what we can do to eliminate doomerism.

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