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Spirituality and religion for the non-believers!

Why should you meditate, or pray or even say thank you for this meal you are about to eat when you don't believe in any sort of higher power or divinity or anything whatsoever. Well a lot of Buddhism would agree with you there, Buddhists do not believe in God, but they still do a lot of the above. Truth is when you are speaking to god you are speaking to yourself, you are speaking to your unconscious to be precise and your unconscious is listening! It pays attention, it judges you, it knows you way better than you do. So spirituality and communion with a god is just communication with your unconscious, It need not go any further. But your unconscious is this side to you that you share your life with. In a kind of schizophrenic fashion you are sharing your body and your mind with this other side of you and you can communicate with it in few fascinating ways: One example is by the use of Chevreul's pendulum: The above video is an example of how to use Chevreul's pendulum to communicate with the unconscious and is one of the rare ways It will communicate back to you. The unconscious will also communicate with you in your dreams. For anyone out there that is a lucid dreamer or for anyone who ever gets the opportunity to notice they are dreaming and not wake up, try to bear in mind that you are in a world that the unconscious has created for you. You can actually go up to dream characters and ask them questions about yourself, they will reply and you may learn a lot!

Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind but you may also be spoken to during this practice. For anyone that has meditated you will know that all sorts of thoughts will jump into your head. The question is where are these thoughts coming from, are them you? I mean, you are sat here concentrating on not thinking, so why are you thinking? maybe it's because it's not you, it's your unconscious knocking at the door with ideas for you, or maybe it's desires knocking at the door to remind you of that lovely booty you saw on the way home, Meditating allows you to calm the rate of these thoughts and allows you to notice what context, if any, your unconscious is trying to throw at you, meditation is a great practice to try and become in better sync with your partner in crime, the unconscious.

When you pray, you are also praying to the unconscious. You are communicating with it on a very powerful level and it will listen and it will return those prayers with ideas, strength, willpower, dreams and possibly even visions. Your unconscious guides your daydreams, it is likely responsible for those ideas that come into your head out of nowhere! So why not pray to this power inside you? You don't have to do it in any specific way or say any specific gods names or have a ritual or have any special items in your hand you are just charging this power that is inside of you and letting it know what it is you really desire or what you are eternally grateful for.

Truth is theirs a whole lot more than just your unconscious going on inside that big ol brain of yours and its all power ripe for the taking. Exercise your mind in the right ways and you will reap the rewards. Anyway, I will keep this post short for now this is just a bit of kindling for what's to come. I'm going to carry on this topic as soon as i have dug up some old psychology notes and can supply some scientific information on different ways our psyche is split up. This will all become part of learning who the main character of our story is and will also help us introduce some side characters into our personal mythologies that will provide excellent representations for learning. P.s if anyone has a go with Chevruel's pendulum please do contact me and let me know how you got on! Also, be careful. Our psyche's are fragile.

One love <3 x

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