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The story of a legend

Once upon a time a legend was born, the young man chose the hardest difficulty in life, for as soon as it started he was delivered a killing blow! For when he was born his body was full of gunk but he would not give up for there was a world to conquer! The machines went in and sucked out the devils sludge and his organs came back to life & in his very first breath he had already experienced and conquered death.

The story of difficulty goes on but with this warrior spirit from a young age he became strong. A young red belt he had already decimated the martial arts and stilled the mind, at only 6 years old he had already lived a thousand lives.

He grew up a proud Englishman, always happy to fly the flag, conquering and strength his ancestral writ

AND CONQOUR HE DID as many hoes were slain

With the body of a Greek god who could they blame ?

And so he went on and conquered the world

His mouth was never far from a tit

or from a group of girls

BUT not only was this legend strong

He was also smart

He understood the way of the Tao

And the way of the heart


Or ready to be the fool

sometimes his actions seemed stupid

But he knew God had his back for he was no tool

Eventually it was time to grow up and he fell in love

So from one legend to so many others, whether here or in the land above

Here's to all the memories!

or in some cases a lack of!

I hope there will be many more for us all!

This is the story of my life so far, and boi has it been a ball

Writing this has made me feel very grateful for the life I have manged to live. Despite all troubles there has been many happy times So I entice all of you to write a tale about yourselves, Weather in private or to everyone else. A final thanks to my family for my Godly genetics

Here's to many more good times and to being the hero of our own stories

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