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You're not woke

This is a strange post. A certain group of people reach a stage in life where they consider themselves woke, they think they are unplugging from the machine, they have been redpilled and blah. Generally what this means is they are entering into the world of symbolism, synchronicity and have peeled away a layer of distortion that was distracting them from a higher path in life. What normally comes alongside this is a battle of good vs evil. You are told, by some people, or a youtube video. That you have been under a spell your whole life, psychologically manipulated by symbology, fake news, fake people and fake purposes. You start to notice the symbology, you view the world from the outside almost, you have gained a new perspective. This perspective allows you to be a spectator to the dialectic nature of culture you can literally see the pendulum swinging from right to left in culture, you are able to predict sociological outcomes, recognise patterns of behaviour and where they lead and also the knock on effect from this to where that will lead before the inevitable swing back into the other direction. You notice a lot of synchronicity ultimately leading you to metaphysical discoveries bringing you closer to the truth of universal nature. What you learn is that other people that were already in this position with great power and resources also viewed the world from the outside in and manipulated it from this viewpoint, like the demi-gods they think they are they apply a small force to the swing of the pendulum and get it to swing in their favour benefiting from the easily predictable outcome, Well done, you are now woke. Until of course you realise that this layer can just as easily be manipulated as before and the layers are like an infinite inescapable onion, truth is you cant trust anything, the synchronicity guiding your life may be manipulated, you just can't see it yet all your new viewpoints can be just as warped as those poor fools who are yet to take the red pill. Well done, you are now in Gnostic hell. inb4, hurdur but scientific truth bro, go suck off Dawkins.

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