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Evolve through literature

The first 15 pages of this literary NFT is a literary story enriched with philosophical allegories, to inspire and help improve ones life. Perfect for visual learners.

Comprehensive philosophical writeup 

Each footnote is a representation of a philosophical idea that is written up after the story. This provides 21 pages that get into the deeper lessons behind the text 

Enjoy as you learn

The story is thrilling and highly invokes your imagination, by using different writing styles  throughout each crafted to specifically represent the different modes of philosophical thought

Philosophy that improves your life

Containing lessons from Carl Jung, including your own shadow journal. Process philosophy. Spirituality and the Wim Hof method and much more. This NFT is a True self help book

Footnotes as guides

Each section of the story represents a different philosophical lesson. Footnotes are provided to give the readers philosophical interpretations to the text within. Done in a way to not ruin the readers own interpretation of the story

An investment to make you money

As a limited edition NFT. When you are done using it and gaining the insights you will be able to re-sell it. As an early investor in my work the potential for big returns is there

Thanks for submitting!

Limited Edition cover art for the first 100 NFT's. To thank the early investors a limited edition hand drawn art piece will be on the cover of the first 100 NFT's this will also act to secure this NFT as a safe investment for the buyer.

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