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Master & The Slave

In the first of a new series, I will be taking some of the greatest Philosophical lessons and entwining them into literary stories to invoke our imagination and place ourselves at the feet of the characters.

I will show Philosophy in a new light that makes it easy to learn and understand in such a way that you need zero philosophical understanding or interest in philosophy to enjoy this! But you will benefit from a Philosophical study so that you can take the lessons out into the world with you.

In this short story, I will highlight Nietzsche’s very famous master/slave morality, Alongside some esoteric principles. At the end will be a handful of questions to help you think and engage with the text in a way that applies it to the world around you allowing you to reflect on one of the most important dynamics found amongst those who Nietzsche deemed ‘masters’ and those who he deemed the ‘slaves’

Master slave cover.jpg
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